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Every sexy kitten needs an arsenal of stunning lingerie and erotic toys to keep her lover coming back for more! Choose from our Romantic Kitten, Naughty Kitten or Seductive Kitten Box in size XS - 4X!

About Sugar Kitten Boudoir Boutique

Sugar Kitten Boudoir Boutique is a purrfect place for women to unleash  their inner sex kitten!  Whether sweet like sugar or sassy like a fierce  lioness, women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds are beautiful and  sexy! 

At Sugar Kitten, our mission is to empower women to explore their  naughty desires, and capture the power of their sexuality! Our subscription boxes were designed to give all women license to embrace your unique abilities  for sexual expression, and to uncover adventures that come from  experiencing pleasure with yourself or your partner.  Join the Sugar Kitten revolution and live, love and purr!